Vile Boys Signed Paperback



Nothing says welcome to your dream University like dead bodies and a warning to stay in my lane.

It’s almost impossible to get into Winter Grove University, so when I’m accepted on scholarship, I know my life will change for the better. Or will it?

When an alpha starts harassing me to join his pack, I’m left with no choice but to tell him I belong to another. The thing is, I name drop the richest, most notorious pack on campus.

Dorian, Foster, and August aren’t happy when they find out, and the tension between us grows. These vile boys know how to hold a grudge, but when I’m forced to spend time with them, I can’t stop the connection that’s growing between us.

With a killer closer than we thought, will I lose everything I’ve ever wanted or will I become the omega I never thought I could be?

Vile Boys is the first book in the Knot Their Toy duet and includes omegaverse, M/M, poly, and bullying.

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