We Tell Lies Signed Paperback



Everyone wants to be on TV until you’re the top news headline for months after being abducted by a serial killer.

But that’s in the past, and all I want to do is to move on. I’ve done everything I can to forget my past, but it seems like the past isn’t ready to forget me. With my older sister in need of some long-term help, I have no choice but to go back home to the place where everything went wrong before.

What should’ve been only mildly painful has turned into a full-blown nightmare when I step back into Ashwick, Indiana and am welcomed home by a murder and words painted in red for me to see.


Something’s really wrong here, perhaps more than I’d ever thought there was. Someone is hunting me, intent on a past I want so badly to forget. But maybe I was never supposed to forget in the first place. And with a man I thought I knew well and another that I’ve never met both unwilling to let me go, I’m unsure if I’ll make it out again. They may be…convincing, for lack of a better word, but they aren’t telling me the truth. No matter how they try to distract me from their lies.

And this time, those lies might really be the death of me.

WE TELL LIES is a MMF dark romance. It features MM and MFM scenes, along with graphic violence and killing. It is the first in a duet.

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