Vicious Signed Paperback



One, two, he’s coming for you

Three, four, better run some more

I never would have accepted his help if I’d known what he’d do.

When the stranger who got me out of a mess in Springwood turns the town into a slaughterhouse in my name, I do the only thing I can do.

I run.

Not far enough, though, because I can feel him in Akron, looking for me. But he wants to take me home, and I can’t go back. Not after what he did.

Especially when I know that more than anything, he wants me home with him.

But when his words betray how he really feels, and instead of violence from the monster of Springwood, I get something completely different. Will I be tricked into going home after all?

Or will he drag me away, kicking and screaming, with his claws so deep  I’ll never be free

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