Brutal Discreet Cover



Nothing bad happens at summer camp.

That’s what my fellow camp counselors have convinced me of when the nights around the lake get a little eerie.

But when the kids all go home and the counselors throw a party on our last night at Camp Clearwater, things change. None of us could have suspected that there was a stranger watching us or that our machete-wielding visitor doesn’t seem to like that we’re here. But when I’m attacked in the woods, he unexpectedly comes to my rescue in the most ruthless way.

Wren is terrifying, unpredictable, and possessive in a way that terrifies me. I should go to the police and stay away from him at all costs. Instead, I find myself letting him in every time he comes to play.

Can a brutal butcher ever really fall for me, or am I going to become his next victim?

*Brutal is a contemporary dark romance standalone set in the Pleasure & Prey universe. This is an MF romance. Please see author’s note at the front of the book using the ‘look inside the book’ feature for a full list of content warnings.

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