I thought I’d feel broken after what happened.
Turns out killing the man who hurt me changed that.

When I’m back at school for my last few weeks of college, I find normalcy for the first time in months. Despite getting comfortable, I can’t give Rook and Oliver the answer they so clearly want, even if it’s not the one they want to hear.

They have to understand it’s not that easy.
Don’t they?

But following them across the country brings more than just new house problems and adjusting to their lifestyle. Issues from not so long ago come to light, and I realize I’m not as normal as I’d hoped to be, after killing my professor for what he did to me.

With a new ‘friend’ who offers me the help I need and Rook keeping secrets that prove he doesn’t trust me, it’s hard to rely on anyone for answers. Especially when old urges creep up my spine and I start looking for reasons to hurt someone for what I’ve seen him do.

When I’m no longer able to attribute my urges to an external predator, I’m forced to confront a terrifying possibility.
Maybe I’ve always been more like them than I thought

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